Do you have a working desktop computer, but would like to improve performance, storage or capability? Often by upgrading your existing system, you can utilize many of your existing components and add extra storage, memory, or upgrade the CPU or mother board.

Advantages include not having to re-install your existing operating system and software and cost saving, just to name two.

We will perform a system analysis and recommend steps you can take to get the most bang for your buck!  Possible upgrades include:

  • Update Your Graphic Card
  • Install Additional or Faster Memory
  • Install New Or Larger Hard Drive
  • Install SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Clone your Hard Drive to SSD Drive
  • Install Blu-Ray DVD Reader or Reader/Writer
  • Install Updated or Damaged Power Supply
  • Install New or Faster CPU
  • Upgrade or Replace Damaged Motherboard
  • Replace Computer Case / Enclosure

We can rebuild your system and get you back up in no time. If the upgrade is minor, we can usually complete the process in your home.