Take advantage of our 15+ years of technical experience and let us help you with your computer problems. It’s easy for your PC to become infected with a virus, spyware, and/or malware. It’s important that your system be protected from these issues – we can do that for you.

♦  Contact us to find out how you can get all the virus and malware protection software you need at no cost to you.

We can service your Desktop, Laptop, PC or MAC, and it can be done in our shop or in your Home.

Here are just a few of the services we perform.

  • Data Backup or Recovery
  • System Optimization
  • Registry Optimization
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Boot Failures
  • System Restore from Image
  • Re-build and Configure
  • Solve Network Configuration Issues
  • Software Installation
  • Email Configuration

These Hardware Services Can Be Performed On Both Desktop Systems and Laptops:Saddlebrook Computer Solutions HW Services (1)

  • Computer Upgrades
  • Solid State Drive Install with Optional Software Clone
  • Larger Hard Drive with Optional Software Clone
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Wireless Upgrades

In addition On Desktop Systems, we can install various hardware upgrades such as:

  • CPU Upgrades for More Computing Power
  • Graphics Card for Gaming Systems
  • Upgrade Power Supply as Needed

We can perform secure system backups with off site storage, or assist you in performing these services on your own.

Estimates for Parts and Labor provided upon request. All work is approved prior to being performed.

Are you Interested in a new Computer?

 We can build your dream computer system, designed just for you, with a complete warranty package!